Beta Marine Diesel EnginesBeta Marine Diesel EnginesBeta Marine Diesel EnginesBeta Marine Diesel Engines
Beta Marine Diesel Engines
Beta Marine Diesel EnginesBeta Marine Diesel Engines
Beta Marine Diesel Engines
Beta Marine Diesel Engines

Repowering Your Boat With A Diesel Engine

If you have a boat and you want to repower, or change engines, Beta Marine can deliver engines with a broad range of engine mounts to help make installation quick and easy using your old engine beds.

If you are replacing an old Volvo MD1, Volvo MD7, Perkins, Yanmar , Atomic 4, now you can have a superior engine that is smaller, quieter, with less vibration and more power. In fact, all Beta Marine Diesel engines are power rated at continuous rather than peak RPM. Most older engines were rated at peak RPM, providing a false sense of more power than you really had. And the since the engine is based on the Kubota diesel, replacement parts costs are much more reasonable "street" prices rather than marine prices.

Some of the boats we see customers repowering include: Alberg 30, Alberg 35, Alberg 37, Albin Vega, Albin 25 motor boat, Bristol 27, Bristol 29, Bristol 30, Bristol 32, Bristol 33, Bristol 35, Bristol 40, Bristol 41, Cape Dory, C&C 38, Cal 29, Catalina 30, Ericson 27, Ericson 30, Island Packet 27, Morgan 34, Pearson 30, Pearson Triton, Pearson Wanderer, Santa Cruz 50, Tartan 27, Tartan 30, Tartan 34, Vanguard 35 Valiant 30, Valiant 40, Sabre 38, Cheoy Lee, and many more.

If your engine is old, but your transmission is still in good shape, we can provide you an engine with the "bobtail" option, allowing it to interface with your current transmission. That will save you money.

Give us a call and tell us your boat model, prop size and pitch, current engine, and we can provide a quote on a drop in replacement that will be quieter, more fuel efficient, more compact, and weigh less. Our toll free number is 888-792-BETA (2382).

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Here is an ad that ran in Blue Water recently. It has a good list of boats that are commonly being repowered using Beta Marine Diesel engines.